100 Days Project

A self motivated project where I (and artists across the globe) repeat the same creative task every day for 100 days. This was my third year and you’ll see some highlights below!

This year (2019) I have dusted off my coloured pencils and purchased a used watercolour set. It has been a very long time since I used colour so thought to reignite the techniques and see where it would lead.

I began with some lovely Caran d’Ache Supracolour pencils;

The precise application of colour was time consuming so I moved on to experiment with some Windsor and Newton Promarkers where the initial drawing was mapped out using a very light grey, followed by ink and then colour. It was much faster and I really like the way the colour bleeds into the paper;

More recently though, and beyond the end of the 100days project, I have been using watercolour and experimenting with different papers and inks to see which ones suit me and my style. This journey has only really just begun, so perhaps by the time the project comes around again for 2020 I’ll have settled on a style and the tools that come out and about when sketching. For now though, some recent results;

I’ll come back with more updates as the sketchbooks fill up and I begin to hone my techniques!

To see the whole 2017 set, have a look here;