Building Portraits

From a very early age I have loved drawing and have continued to draw throughout my education at the RCA and my career in architecture.

My drawings of buildings and spaces are detailed observations of particular moments in time; they capture the physical form and context of our built environment whilst recording special and personal places when commissioned as one off artworks.

I have undertaken detailed commissions to draw individual houses as private gifts as well as drawings for use as limited print runs to help fund raising groups.

Highbury Elevations 2005

I have produced cards, giclee prints, coasters, porcelain mugs and other products in the past and am happy to work with you to make best use of the drawings for a range of possible outcomes.


The detail that goes into drawings changes relative to the scale and format that they will ultimately take – so an A3 original drawing contains a lot more detail than say a drawing intended to be used for a business card or letterhead.

Lee Crescent 1b for web
Please call me to discuss any ideas, projects or special gifts that you might like to commission.