Saint Mungo at Kelvingrove.

I was asked to create a Glasgow related drawing for an auction event for the British-American Project annual conference and so found myself locked into a relationship with the statue of St. Mungo (the Patron Saint of Glasgow) over the main entrance at Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum; flanked by female figures representing Art and Music (with their respective book and organ).

My small A5 drawing set off with a few mistakes but after 3hrs had flown by, I’d caught the framed view of George Frampton’s beautiful bronze sculpture, now wonderfully patinated. No pencil lines, no sketching it out first; just straight in with my trusted 0.2mm fineliner as is my way. I wasn’t really even aware of the occasional small child or adult sidling up to look over my shoulder as I drew. I hope that whoever wins the auction will like it and take a small memento of Glasgow home with them to remember the city by.

Above: the initial line drawing made on location on cold pressed, heavy weight watercolour paper.

Whilst lucky to live next to the sea and within a stone’s throw of the amazing architecture of Edinburgh, I sometimes escape westwards to explore the urban locations that Glasgow has to offer. It reminds me of my life in London and other large British cities where the scenery changes from street to street and the sheer size, density and variety of the place yields constant opportunity to draw. St. Mungo was a delightful subject and one small part of this amazing building and city to bring away in the drawing. So much to draw there!

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