Watercolours, Promarkers, Papers and Pens.

As we move into the Autumn and teaching at ECA starts up again, I’ve set a winter research project to test and experiment with different media and tools to try and find the right combination for me. Having read lots of reviews of different sketchbooks and paperstocks for different purposes I have concluded that the only way is to just play, make mistakes, look back and learn – so the next few months might see some varied outputs!

I’ll be composing a couple of large images in the next few weeks, but mostly testing out line and watercolour techniques in a lighter weight Stillman and Birn Epsilon sketchbook and a heavier Strathmore book. I’ve got a couple of large watercolour pads from St. Cuthberts and Cass Art (both 300gsm and smooth papers) and a beautiful new Namisu Ixion pen with Platinum Carbon ink, as well as some OHTO fineliner rolerballs to compete with my trusted Staedtlers. We’ll see!

If you have a favoured trio of watercolour paper, fine ink line (fountain or other) and watercolours – please let me know what works for you?!

More to follow but keep up to date with my Instagram posts, where all of my work goes as it is made.

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