Recent sketching

It’s been a busy few months of teaching which hasn’t left very much time for getting outside to sketch. A few cold weekends in the Borders and a handful of other weekend sketches but little time otherwise!

I’ve recently treated myself to some very smart new Copic markers from Cult Pens (courtesy of a kind and generous birthday ‘voucher’ from friends) and have been getting out with a marker pad to test them out.

Below are a few of my recent Urban sketches – mostly in and around Edinburgh.

The density of colour is something to play with, and the subtlety is sometimes lost but they have a lovely immediate quality. I’ll have to get them scanned too as I don’t expect the alcohol pigment to last. What I do like about them is the speed of laying down the colour. Most of these drawings were between an hour and 90 mins with probably only 10 or 15 minutes of colouring.

I’m also gearing up to exhibit at the Borders Art Fair in the Spring, so am collecting line drawings on some very heavy watercolour paper, ready for some colour work when the days get brighter and I have enough drawing work done for the show. I have a couple of free days this term so will be out and about drawing in the city and Border Country.

I’ll post more of the Borders series when I have them. In the meantime I wish you all well for the New Year and let me know if you’d like a copy of anything or to commission a drawing.

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