London Aerial Drawing

I was delighted to be asked to draw an aerial view over the Thames for Rethink Mental Ilnness who have relocated and wanted to capture their former elevated view to take along with them into their new offices. The finished drawing was converted into a 6.5m wide feature wallpaper that adjoins their new view across the river towards Millbank.

The freshly installed artwork looking across the River Thames to Millbank and Tate Britain.

The image started with a double A4 sketch to get a feel for the composition and how much foreground detail might be needed before the city merged into a pattern towards the horizon. The final drawing took around 3 full days of careful pencil work, using a combination of personal memory (every street and landmark brought back memories of living and cycling here for over 20 years!) and then 2 full days of inking to bring out the detail and to make sure it would translate when enlarged by a factor or around 4. I tested a few parts at the enlarged scale to make sure it would still be legible from distance whilst retaining a sharpness close-up.

Prints are available on request, please do drop me a line and we can organise a suitably sized print for you. The original drawing is just under 1.5m wide by 0.6m high, but reduces down to make a terrific image.

Glasgow Barras

Drawn from memories of searching through the vibrant offerings to be found in Glasgow’s famous East End markets. Available as a 30x30cm giclee print and with a custom background colour if there’s a specific colour you’d like!

Scottish Gallery Exhibition.

I am delighted to be included in the Scottish Gallery’s City Lights Exhibition, from the 2nd to 23rd December 2021. Three pieces were selected to be shown; the original drawing of ‘Edinburgh Aerial’ made during lockdown in 2020, a loose watercolour and ink sketch made at Warriston Cemetary made in early 2020 and a newly…

Saint Mungo at Kelvingrove.

I was asked to create a Glasgow related drawing for an auction event for the British-American Project annual conference and so found myself locked into a relationship with the statue of St. Mungo (the Patron Saint of Glasgow) over the main entrance at Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum; flanked by female figures representing Art and…

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